Efficiency and attention to detail are the main features that characterize us and that we implement in any collaboration or transport that we achieve. Regardless of the nature of the transported goods or the necessary regime, our offers will always be thought to be both financially advantageous and to offer the highest level of quality. RIS TRANSHOLDING uses well-equipped, insured and homologated trucks, professional drivers with certifications and efficient technical solutions for monitoring, all these guarantee the timely and safe delivery of the transported goods.
Regardless of the goods to be transported, RIS TRANSHOLDING company is a good partner for you.

What we are offering you?


We understand how important the goods we transport are for you, that’s why this risk is covered with us. The goods are insured for the entire duration of the transport based on the CMR insurance.

Step-by-step supervision of the entire transport process and providing permanent information on the position of the customer’s goods are the most important elements of the policy applied daily by the RIS TRANSHOLDING team.


We value the time of each customer so that’s why RIS TRANSHOLDING offers its customers the opportunity to solve any transportation problem with a single phone call.


The experience, qualification and motivation of our staff are the basis of personalized, flexible and creative transport solutions.


A value-driven business abides by its core values throughout the organisation. A values-driven business model creates a positive environment for employees, managers and clients to thrive.

We answer all your questions.

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